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Rural High Speed Internet

Colonial Wireless offers No Contract Plans that include unlimited data and Nationwide for as low as $139.00 per month.

Unlimited Wireless Internet from Colonial Wireless provides the fastest high speed rural internet where high speed cable and DSL internet is not an option. Not only are Colonial Wireless download speeds faster than that of dial-up, they are anywhere from 3x to 6x as fast as satellite internet speeds

With Colonial Wireless you can forget about the usage limitations and expensive installation and monthly expenses associated with satellite internet. Finally rural America has an alternative that is faster than satellite internet and secure and PORTABLE! That’s right its portable – take it wherever you go. Just plug in an electrical outlet and wait for the signal and you are good to go with unlimited data!

Colonial Wireless gives you the best high speed option in remote areas across the U.S with no data caps.

Our unique high speed internet system was designed with rural users in mind.
It is a combination of a high speed internet modem with a top global router offering unlimited data in rural areas. Attached to the unit is a small, powerful receiving antenna that can be placed anywhere in your home office, boat or RV on the road.

Rural High Speed Internet
Broadband Q Rural Wireless Internet offers wireless connectivity for the home with our revolutionary EVDO hotspot bundle. Perfect for families’ or small office applications. Broadband Q Wireless is perfect for families in rural areas.

We offer the best solutions in rural internet service, with the only wireless internet plan giving you the best in rural internet options.

Our unlimited data plan far exceeds the antiquated Broadband Blue service. Our goal is to give you wireless internet options with unlimited data and an alternative to satellite.

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